Farhan Rohila is an educationalist with over 18 years of experience in Internationalisation of higher education. He is known for his motivational techniques in HE trainings. He has been associated with a number of HEIs and professional bodies over these years and has played pivotal role in devising the international student’s recruitment strategies. He is considered a specialist in international student recruitment supporting HEIs meet their student recruitment targets. He has vast experience in leading student recruitment teams, maintaining quality through credibility assessments and delivering student numbers to assist the HEIs meet their KPIs on international student recruitment targets.

Prior to joining Matrix Higher Education, Farhan Rohila’s last appointment was Head of International Business Development at one of the HEIs in the UK where his focus was on the leadership, development and implementation of the university’s Internationalisation strategy. He holds a successful track record in income generation, aid funded business, training on international marketing intelligence and interpreting overseas government policy on higher education.

Our trained staff provide personal assistance through counselling, education, and information services that are readily available to our clients. With a team of highly educated and trained counsellors, Matrix Higher Education processes good number of applications each year.

In most cases clients are referred to us through recommendations from friends or relatives. Some are referred by official bodies, Partner Institutions, diplomatic representatives and other organisations. Our specialist counsellors, each with their own areas of expertise, provide extensive personal guidance on any aspect of education. We also  offer a dedicated Career Assessment and Guidance service which helps students to identify career choices suited to their aptitudes.

Farhan Rohila – Director of Business Development